Convivo beans coffee blend

Café Maison

Our own Medium Roast blend is a well balanced combination of arabicas and robustas, popular for most tastes, while our Dark Roast blend consists of 100% arabicas. We also offer Fairtrade and decaffeinated coffee. All our coffees are also available in retail (227g) bags.

All of our coffee is roasted to order and arrives with our customers within two weeks of roasting. Our coffee is packed in bags with valves ensuring the freshness of coffee. At Café Maison we only supply ‘real’ coffee in three formats, as espresso beans / ground coffee for coffee machines, for cafetieres and filter coffee.

Passionate about Coffee at Café Maison

Espresso a small, strong shot of coffee with the signature ‘crema’ on top
Cappuccino a shot of espresso made with equal amounts of steamed and frothed milk
Café Latte a shot of espresso mixed with steamed milk with just a touch of froth on top
Macciato a shot of espresso ‘stained’ with a teaspoon of frothed milk
Americano a shot of espresso with the addition of hot water, creating a long drink

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